The Official Miss Nigeria UK (Formally Mr & Miss) cultural pageant is an annual event which takes place in commemoration of Nigeria’s Independence. A platform that aims to empower, enrich and edify the Nigerian culture in the UK and unite British born and raised Nigerians with their heritage. The three times sold-out event held in prestigious central London venues is a fantastic depiction of true West-African culture. An equal combination of education, beauty, business and entertainment has attracted the best familiar faces and reputable companies.

The pageant encourages contestants to embrace their heritage and learn what it means to truly represent their country. By encouraging the contestants to work together and build each other’s character we are showing them how to be successful and prosperous in their future plans. We want everyone who participates in the event to feel like they are walking away a winner.

Miss Nigeria UK (originally Mr & Miss) was created by a young, London-born and raised Nigerian who wanted to learn more about her heritage and at the same time bring people together in a positive way. There was a gap in the market for Nigerian inspired events and she felt it was time to start with something she knew best. The event is run by a small team who self fund everything through working and fundraising.

Ganiyat Imafidon, an event enthusiast, has a passion for her country but felt disconnected with her roots. In 2013 she was struggling with depression as well as understanding her identity, through utter frustration and the idea planted by a friend, she began to work on launching Mr & Miss Nigeria UK.


"One thing about being Nigerian is that it is something that we take pride in, but I was struggling to embrace that pride because there was a lot that I just did not know and was not exposed to. I decided that I wanted to find a way to learn about who I am and celebrate where I have come from, and through this platform I have been able to do that and so much more."

Miss Nigeria UK is about being of Nigerian heritage and living in the UK and how the two can work together in harmony.