Welcome to the application page for the Official Miss Nigeria UK Cultural Pageant, which celebrates the women of the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK. Here you will find the basic details of what is required of you to enter this prestigious event. Please find details below:

  1. Applicant must be a resident in the United Kingdom for a minimum of 18 months following the live final and be able to travel to Europe, America and Africa freely in order to compete in the Cultural Pageant. (This may involve the requirement of a visa so please bare this in mind)

  2. Applicants must be between the age of 18 – 30 by the start of the event to compete in the Cultural Pageant (anyone under the age of 18 when applying must seek parental permission before entering)

  3. Applicant must be of at least 50% Nigerian Heritage. (Meaning at least one parent is Nigerian or both parents are at least 50% Nigerian)

  4. Applicant must understand the responsibility of being involved in the competition, and are required to be flexible during the process and understand that should they win the flexibility must continue

  5. Applicant must have an openness to learning new skills and being involved in new opportunities

  6. Applicant must have a project or business idea that they wish to pursue and develop or have one that they have already begun working on

  7. Applicant understands there are NO height, size or weight requirements to enter this competition

  8. Once you have completed the application form you will receive the application pack detailing full information on what to expect from the competition