• Applicant must be a resident in the United Kingdom and able to travel to Europe, America and Africa freely in order to compete in the Cultural Pageant.

  • Applicants must be between the age of 18 – 28 by the start of the event to compete in the Beauty Pageant (anyone under the age of 18 when applying must seek parental permission before entering)

  • Applicant must be of at least 50% Nigerian Heritage.

  • The ENTRY FEE of £75 must be paid via our *PayPal link on our website before details of the casting will be passed on.

  • Applicants are aware that all costs relating to the pageant must be covered by the applicant

  • Applicants must understand the responsibility of being involved in the competition and need to be flexible during the process and understand that should they win the flexibility must continue should they win

  • Applicant understands that by paying the application fee they are agreeing to all terms and conditions listing in the application pack (Pack will be sent out once form is received)

  • Applicant must have some knowledge of their heritage and cultural background and be willing to learn more in order to move forward in the competition

  • Applicant must have a project or business idea that they wish to pursue and develop

  • There are NO height, size or weight requirements to enter this competition

Before applying please thoroughly read through 'APPLICATION PACK' which has all the rules and regulations and information on what you need to enter

*Once you have completed the form a link to the PayPal page will be sent to you via Email

2020 Application Form